Review of Be Reborn: Mystery of life and death, end and beginning

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Be Reborn Chinese drama ended, and the secret behind the Goddess Luo River case was finally revealed. But the screenwriter dug another "big hole":

Zhuang Wenjie received a mysterious text message: Congratulations, because of persistence, you did it.

a mysterious text message

This is the third perspective, watching the whole process of Zhuang Wenjie looking for his father. The "persistence" and "did it" here are very meaningful.

This short message, which is both the end and the beginning, indicates that the Be Reborn only solved the causal mystery of Goddess Luo River case around twelve years ago. There may be more exciting mysteries that can only be solved in the next season.

So Zhuang Wenjie's expression after seeing the text message, is he surprised or frightened?

surprised or frightened

Surprised angle

Zhuang Wenjie enters the game passively, guessing that his father is still alive. Although he has a high IQ, he is still an ordinary person. He is deceived also because Xu is too scheming.

Panic angle

From the beginning, Zhuang Wenjie took the initiative to enter the game, and finally used himself as a bait to lead "Mr." to appear and carry out his criminal behavior. And then Zhuang had to pretend to be deceived in front of the police and get out. It's really scary that this secret is revealed.

Recalling that in the first episode Zhuang Wenjie was so excited to point out whether the water lily was replaced deliberately as a reporter, and why did he practice the ultra-difficult rock climbing route? It's all so intriguing.


Regarding the mysterious text message, Luo Jian also once received a message about the auction of Goddess Luo River figure. At that time, many viewers speculated that it was Zhuang Wenjie who secretly sent it.

mysterious text message

But Zhuang Wenjie was very surprised by Luo Jian's arrival at the hotel. This means that he did not know anything about the text messages. And the follow-up plot also proved that Zhuang Wenjie was indeed fooled by Xu Zhengqing.

The direct result of this message was that the police entered the game in advance, breaking the situation in which Zhuang Wenjie was completely controlled by Xu Zhengqing, providing a prerequisite for the police to rescue Zhuang Wenjie and clear his suspicions.

If it wasn't for this text message, Zhuang Wenjie would have "disappeared" as a suspect like Zhuang Yaobai.

So this text message that seems to be guarding Zhuang Wenjie silently was sent by his father, Zhuang Yaobai? Or was it from the mysterious person who saw through Zhuang Wenjie's "secret"?

The question is, is it possible that Zhuang Yaobai is still alive?

I think it is possible, first of all, he has enough chips to escape.

The Be Reborn has a very clever echo. 12 years ago, Xu Zhengqing threatened Zhuang Yaobai to steal the figure of Goddess Luo River and then designed him to "die" by falling into the water. 12 years later, Xu Zhengqing used similar methods to persecute Zhuang Wenjie.

 falling into the water

The difference between the two drownings is that Zhuang Yaobai's brakes failed, while Zhuang Wenjie was tied up and thrown into the river. The latter could only passively wait for rescue. At this time, the ability to hold one's breath, which was trained by his father since childhood, played a key role.


If Zhuang Wenjie was not tied up, he could completely save himself with his ability. Zhuang Yaobai, who has more experience in coping in the water and is not physically restrained, obviously has more chips for self-help.

Looking closely at the footage of Zhuang Yaobai driving into the water, we can also find that Zhuang Yaobai was conscious and the window was fully open. According to Xu Zhengqing's confession, he only moved on the brakes and did not have other actions.

Zhuang Yaobai was conscious

For Zhuang Yaobai, the physical conditions for self-help in water are sufficient. The screenwriter deliberately arranges for the "disappearance of the remains", which also indirectly leaves many possibilities for this plot. Zhuang Yaobai's "way of life" is not blocked.

But if Zhuang Yaobai was really alive, why did he sit on the sidelines and did not help when Zhuang Wenjie was in danger danger many times?

There is only one possibility, that is, by Zhuang Wenjie's side, there is a bystander from the perspective of God, the mysterious person who sees through Zhuang Wenjie's "secret". Who is most likely to be the mystery man or the mystery man's accomplice?

Liao Shuang

Liao Shuang

After Luo Jian met Xu Zhengqing for the first time in Zhuang Wenjie's rental house, he believed that Xu Zhengqing was not a simple person.

He then went to verify Xu Zhengqing's rental contract and asked Liao Shuang to check his background information.

But Liao Shuang was reluctant to investigate, thinking that Luo Jian thought too much. Instead, she felt that Zhuang Wenjie's classmate, Sun, was more suspicious.

They have all had contact with Zhuang Wenjie many times, and they and Luo Jian even went to the monitoring of the botanical garden. Liao Shuang first reaction at this time should be similar to Luo Jian. Such obvious obstruction makes it hard not to doubt her purpose. This is also why many people suspected that her of being "Mr." undercover agent. Now it seems that she is not, so is it possible that she is an accomplice of the "Mysterious Man"?

Be Reborn is a series of works. Next season and another new chapter, and the villain pattern cannot stop at the case of Xu Zhengqing and Goddess Luo River.

The story of Be Reborn is just the beginning of the Reborn series. The villains will continue to spread with "Mr." as the core, and the lineup will become larger and larger, which is very much in line with the creation rules of the series of suspense dramas. In this way, the foreshadowing and the current ending are likely to pave the way for the reversal of the next season.

there is never a standard answer

Of course, there are all possibilities for suspense, and there is never a standard answer.

The initiative to solve the puzzle is always in the hands of the screenwriter.

How the future plot of the Reborn series will develop needs to be answered by the next story. But no matter what the answer is, it can be regarded as a success to give the audience room for continued brainstormings.

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